Opportunity for Portfolio Adjustment

The volatility of the market has returned again. The CBOE Volatility Index which gives an indication of the market volatility jumped from 12.85 on the 6th May to 22.87 on 9th May 10.40 pm (GMT+8). By the way, this index can actually be traded but you must be able o stomach a wild ride. Stay away if you are not a very high high high risk taker.

During that same period, STI dropped 2.9%. The bigger losers seem to come from the banks and the property counters.

For instance, OCBC is now $11.31. It was $12 (even after ex-div) not too long ago. Capitaland was $3.7 and it is now $3.4. They are starting to look interesting again. I can’t help feeling excited 🙂

I did some small nibbling these few days, no big position change, just some adjustment of my portfolio to upgrade the “quality”.

I ….

Reduced my stake in Accordia Golf Trust ($0.63) and Starhill Global ($0.76). Their share prices had been rather resilient … However, with the market correction, there are better offers emerging … furthermore, as my position in both of them are rather big, it is good to trim them down

Bought Suntec at $1.80, which is the price that they did the latest private placement. I am such a small player that I never habour any thought of being invited to a private placement. But I am glad to be able to buy Suntec at the same price as those privileged and wealthy guys.

Also bought some Capitaland Retail China Trust (CRCT) at $1.47. I blogged about CRCT a month ago and shared that I would accumulate more of it at around $1.45. Well, I am a bit kiasu lah … entered a bit earlier fearing to miss the boat if the market bounced back … which it did actually to $1.52 yesterday. But it is down to $1.48 today. If it goes below $1.45, I will accumulate another batch.

So, what else caught my eyes … OCBC (3.9% dividend yield), Capitaland (3%), Raffles Medical (2%), Hong Leong Finance (5%)… just to share a few.

These are stocks that I am happy to hold them for long term in my portfolio, to collect dividend and to support their growth.

So, if their share prices drop further, I may be tempted to accumulate more.

come in we re awesome sign
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

How about you? Have you reacted to the market volatility recently?

Look forward to hearing from you.




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