SPH Reit’s Dividend, the only silver lining in a bloody day

What a bloody day at the local and regional markets! Everything seems to be in the red though we saw some rebound close to end of the day.


So, what did you do on this bloodshed day?

I sold and bought …. LOL.

Sold my M1 and bought DBS when it dropped 3%.

Been eyeing it for a while and finally going for the kill today.

I am betting that DBS will keep its promise on the amount of dividend that they said that they will distribute going forward. Finger crossed!

The only silver lining is SPH Reit, always so reliable and the stable like a rock

back view clouds cloudy girl
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It announced a DPU of 1.43 cents, which is better than I expected and better than the DPU in the same quarter last year.

Way to go, SPH Reit!

But I am disappointing that they did not announce the acquisition of Seletar Mall again.

Will have to wait for a while longer …. maybe it will happen during SPH results announcement next week 15/10. Optimistic a bit

For the moment, I will enjoy the dividends with the few lots I have on hand 🙂

Thank you SPH Reit!


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