My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

Following my post yesterday, some of you had inquired about my dividends. Sorry I am not comfortable to reveal the amount but I am happy to share my STAR dividend contributors in Q3 and also Year-To-Date.

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To Recap, my dividend yield year to date is 4.5% on cash investment. It is spread out relatively well over the 3 quarters, averaging about 1.5%. Qtr-1 was a shade lower but not much. I like the current profile as it means that I get passive income throughout the year.

Below is the Top-10 for Q3 2019 alone. It is not surprising to see Singtel leading the pack as it is my largest holding and I received the final dividend of 10.7 cents per share this quarter.

Top 10 Q3 2019
1 Singtel
3 CapitaRetailChina
4 HPH Trust
5 SIA Engineering
6 Ireit
7 Centurion
9 Q&M
10 UOB

The next table is the STAR dividend contributors to me Year-To-Date:

1 Manulife Reit
3 Singtel
4 Capitaland RetailChina
7 Ireit
8 Frasers Property
9 Cache
10 Centurion

You see more REITs dominating the YTD list now (5 out of 10) => Manulife Reit, OUE Commercial Trust, Capitaland Retail China, Ireit and Cache.

Part of the reasons is that I have sizeable holding in them. And some of them distribute dividend quarterly or half-yearly and thus they may not show up in the quarterly top contributors, but as they accumulate along the year, they do add up to a sizeable dividend returns.

I thought of sharing the list for your reference.

Looking back at my past quarters/years posting on the Top dividend contributors, you can see that the companies on the list have not changed much. I like this consistency. Technically I am trading around my core holding and this is something that I learned from AK.

Hope it is helpful to you.

Have a great investment week ahead.





3 thoughts on “My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

  1. Thanks sharing, you are doing your part to educate Singaporeans. I was shocked when I saw a TODAY article “OCBC’s Mr Kelvin Goh pointed out that 34 per cent of Singaporeans do not invest at all, according to his bank’s Financial Wellness Index. Nearly half of Singaporeans also have zero passive income.”

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