Focus on Reits Yielding 5%

Many of you are aware that my long term target yield for my portfolio is 5%. I believe it is a sustainable yield and it has been a target that I have been working on for sometime for my passive income post retirement. Just to put some numbers in ... assuming my family need $80k … Continue reading Focus on Reits Yielding 5%

4.7% Dividend Yield on Equity Portfolio

4.7% dividend yield is the final outcome after all the hardwork this year. Total dividend received in 2020 was 85% of 2019 amount - which is expected given this COVID year. This is actually better than the 4.5% yield that I was expecting back in July when I wrote about it. This outcome was helped … Continue reading 4.7% Dividend Yield on Equity Portfolio

My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

Following my post yesterday, some of you had inquired about my dividends. Sorry I am not comfortable to reveal the amount but I am happy to share my STAR dividend contributors in Q3 and also Year-To-Date. To Recap, my dividend yield year to date is 4.5% on cash investment. It is spread out relatively well … Continue reading My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

4.5% Yield Year-To-Date, helped by Leverage

The last company on my watchlist reported its quarterly results and dividend declaration on 14-Aug. Along with that, I was able to establish that my dividend yield on cash investment (up to today) is 4.5%. I do not see an issue meeting my 5.0% target by end of the year. My dividend yield received a … Continue reading 4.5% Yield Year-To-Date, helped by Leverage

SPH Reit DPU Steady as a Rock but Risk has also increased

The headline of SPH REIT's press release last Friday read "SPH Reit 2Q 2019 Distribution Income 2.5% Higher Year-on-Year". However, looking into the numbers, the cash distribution available was only up 1.0% and the DPU increase was even smaller at +0.4%. This is despite SPH Reit increasing the "cash payout ratio" from 96.8% last year … Continue reading SPH Reit DPU Steady as a Rock but Risk has also increased

Alternate REITs Buy Trigger = Reversion to Mean Dividend Yield

First, I like to wish all my Chinese readers a very Happy New Year, 祝你 恭喜发财, 万事如意,  身体健康! A week has passed since the shocking week and guess what, the US stock markets have turned around and now marched steadily and confidently forward despite the 10 years Treasury yield rising to recent record levels which was the … Continue reading Alternate REITs Buy Trigger = Reversion to Mean Dividend Yield

Accumulating MapleTree Commercial Trust

I did some research on MapleTree Commercial Trust (MCT) and found it a solid company to consider investing in.     Although the current share price provides good value, I will accumulate more when its share price is $1.47 and below to satisfy the “safety margin” that I set for myself. Below are my key … Continue reading Accumulating MapleTree Commercial Trust