Dividends Contributors – Top 10

All the companies in my equity portfolio have released their latest results and declared their dividends. As of today, the dividends that I would receive amount to 2.0%. Proportionally, this is greater than 25% of my target yield of 4.5%. This is because it includes some dividends declared but only ex-div in Q2. Nonetheless, I … Continue reading Dividends Contributors – Top 10


Mid Year Review (5) – Tracking Well, 3.54% Dividend Yield YTD

I measured the success of investment by the dividends that I get. I am an income investor. My investment aim is to build a portfolio that would provide me with adequate passive income when I retire. As the title suggests, the dividend yield of my equity portfolio as at 12 Aug is 3.5%. The last … Continue reading Mid Year Review (5) – Tracking Well, 3.54% Dividend Yield YTD

Mid Year Review (4) – Growing my Index Portfolio Steadily

Followers of my blog would know that besides my equity portfolio, I have an index portfolio that I mentioned periodically. Started in 2017, it has since quadrupled in size. Different from my equity portfolio, my index fund portfolio is made up fully of ETFs. Furthermore, it goes beyond just equity ETFs to include Bond, Gold … Continue reading Mid Year Review (4) – Growing my Index Portfolio Steadily

Still Staying Invested

Fear is common and understandable I know of a few people who got so terrified by the recent sharp decline in the US stock market that they decided to sell off all their stock investments (apparently) at a loss and keep the capital as cash. But who can blame them when we saw the value … Continue reading Still Staying Invested

4.7% Dividend Yield on Equity Portfolio

4.7% dividend yield is the final outcome after all the hardwork this year. Total dividend received in 2020 was 85% of 2019 amount - which is expected given this COVID year. This is actually better than the 4.5% yield that I was expecting back in July when I wrote about it. This outcome was helped … Continue reading 4.7% Dividend Yield on Equity Portfolio

My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed

Following my post yesterday, some of you had inquired about my dividends. Sorry I am not comfortable to reveal the amount but I am happy to share my STAR dividend contributors in Q3 and also Year-To-Date. To Recap, my dividend yield year to date is 4.5% on cash investment. It is spread out relatively well … Continue reading My Star Dividend Contributors Revealed