Mid Year Review (4) – Growing my Index Portfolio Steadily

Followers of my blog would know that besides my equity portfolio, I have an index portfolio that I mentioned periodically. Started in 2017, it has since quadrupled in size. Different from my equity portfolio, my index fund portfolio is made up fully of ETFs. Furthermore, it goes beyond just equity ETFs to include Bond, Gold … Continue reading Mid Year Review (4) – Growing my Index Portfolio Steadily

Still Staying Invested

Fear is common and understandable I know of a few people who got so terrified by the recent sharp decline in the US stock market that they decided to sell off all their stock investments (apparently) at a loss and keep the capital as cash. But who can blame them when we saw the value … Continue reading Still Staying Invested

Wk20: Ahead of Schedule – Overseas Holding hits 28%

As the saying goes, change is the only constant. In the early part of this year, SG market has been outperforming the rest. But from my last blog to today, SG market is the worst performer among the 3 markets that I track closely. STI lost 4%, HK Hang Seng lost 3.5% and S&P was … Continue reading Wk20: Ahead of Schedule – Overseas Holding hits 28%

Index Portfolio Sneaks In to Grab #2

Almost unnoticed and creeping up silently, my index portfolio has grown over the years to become my number 2 portfolio today. It has grown from 8% at end 2017 to become 28% of my total investment this weekend. Amazing growth! Even faster than my overseas portfolio, which has grown from 9% to 18% today on … Continue reading Index Portfolio Sneaks In to Grab #2

Wk11 : Wild Wild West

My overseas equities holding has dropped from 26.5% to 26.1% of my total value of equities. It may reduce even further by my time tomorrow morning when the US market closes as the futures are showing deep red now. Actually the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been doing quite well this week, but so has … Continue reading Wk11 : Wild Wild West

Wk 10 – Still Interest Rate and Buy

The headline for this week investment community is still the interest rate and for me it is again to accumulate more shares at lower prices. Just when we thought that the risk from interest rate has subsided, Mr Fed Chief came on public media and shared that with economy reopening, we could expect some inflation. … Continue reading Wk 10 – Still Interest Rate and Buy

2021 Target: Increase net worth by 5%

Trained by years of corporate life, making personal Tasks and Targets (T&T) for the year has become an annual affair. For my investment journey this year, I have set the following T&T for 2021: 1. Increase my net worth by 5% is the key overriding one. After failing to deliver on this target last year, … Continue reading 2021 Target: Increase net worth by 5%

Index portfolio holding up well!

My regular readers would know that I have a special portfolio that holds all my investments in index ETFs and unit trusts. This index portfolio has grew from 20% at start of the year to 30% of my total investment today. It grew partially because of my monthly regular fixed investments in selected ETFs (capital … Continue reading Index portfolio holding up well!