6% Yield Portfolio

With the last company on my watchlist reporting its quarterly results yesterday, I can wind up my dividend collection for the year already.

I have managed to hit 6% yield from my portfolio. This outperforms my expectation of a 5% yield, with the help of some margin trading.

While I am happy with this, the sharp decline in the capital value of my holdings of late means that if nothing change from now to end of the year, I will be looking at a loss of ~ 6%. It is extremely painful to know that after a year of hard work, I actually lost money from my investment. Theoretically, I would have been better off putting all my money in a bank or fixed deposit.

I am disappointed but not disheartened.

As long as I keep my faith in the companies I invested, it will continue to provide passive income to me. A 6% yield portfolio is not something to be dismissed too.

Maybe their share prices will also appreciate in value if the market sentiment improves in the coming year or beyond.

However, there are also lessons to be learned from some of the setbacks that I received this year like Noble, Hyflux and AsianPayTV which knocked off quite a fair bit of my capital in a very short time. I will be reflecting on this in the coming weeks and will share my personal insights and thoughts with you.

In case you are interested, I am sharing the top 10 dividend contributors for me this year. See table below.

As you can see, the main contributors are the Telco (Singtel and M1) and the Reits. However, I know some of them will not be repeated … namely AsianPayTV and M1.


As you would have expected, many of these major dividend contributors are also in my Top-10 holding (up to today, see the table below).


I know it is funny to say this … I am happy with my current portfolio as it can generate an annual yield of > 5% for me. If I can maintain this, I would need a smaller portfolio (i.e. shorter time) to gain F.I.R.E. Next year, I will aim higher and work towards … maybe > 6% yield.

What an inspiration thought to end the night 🙂 !

Take care folks and happy to receive your comments and feedback.




5 thoughts on “6% Yield Portfolio

  1. Bro, what is your view on Singtel, since you holding up a big portion in it. Still have faith, despite their recent result showing decline in many aspects. Thanks.

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